Vital FIeld



The Kuau Cell could help you improve your quality of life and reveal your highest potential.

When using this FrequenCell, you can expect more clarity and energy for your body, a higher level of consciousness, greater endurance and resilience, improved concentration, as well as support for rituals, cleansing rituals, and all types of fasting.

Kuau Cell is a special FrequenCell. In it, the energy of a shamanic ritual, ancient herbal knowledge, and energized water all merge together. The unusual ingredients from the digitized version of the medicinal cactus ritual are a key factor. This ritual’s purpose is rooted in deep cleansing and reconnecting with Mother Earth. The high alkaloid cactus extract used is not psychoactive, but acts as a cell activator.

This way, it becomes a source of production of ATP, meaning pure power.

“ATP is the exchange currency in the body. If it is not sufficiently available, there is a lack of Everything.”

– Mechthild Rex-Najuch,
world-leading VitalField energy practitioner and naturopath

The other ingredient is the vibration of shungite, a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid. It contains traces of fullerenes. This vibration ensures the structuring of water. We have plenty of that in our bodies. The more structured our water is, the better our cells can work, and the less environmental toxins can burden us. On top of that, the information of structured water is added to increase the effect.

Finally, a special herbal mixture based on an ancient recipe for warriors comes into play. Stemming from the Shipibo Indians in the Peruvian Amazon, it’s also harvested there. Therefore, it has a high biophoton vibration.


Place the Kuau Cell on the lower breastbone or below the navel.


We recommend wearing the Cell for 1-2 hours a day during the first week, in order to get used to it and help your body calibrate to the device’s frequency. After that, you can wear the Kuau Cell all day, although it’s best to wear overnight, to get stability for the day.

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