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This FrequenCell could support your companion animal's immune system.


FAUNA BOOST Cell + 10 adhesive Patches included.

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The Fauna Boost Cell is a frequency therapy patch that helps support the immune systems of all animals, providing protection against common illnesses and viruses. It is especially beneficial for older animals and those who are immunocompromised, including beloved pets, horses, farm animals, rescues, old friends, and service dogs.


The Fauna Boost Cell has no active ingredients. The device itself is a patented silicone and magnet composite, with the magnetic properties being incredibly subtle and only there to protect it from man-made (i.e. harmful) EMF that can compromise the therapeutic vital fields.

The Fauna Boost Cell only emits healing frequencies, and it emits them constantly, whether worn or not.

Like all our FrequenCells, it is 100% natural, safe, non-toxic, chemical-free, non-invasive, and does not interact with other devices, drugs, or implants. It has zero (0) side effects.


  • Common illnesses
  • Weak immune systems in aging or immunocompromised animals
  • Increased risk of infections
  • Physical discomfort causing anxiety & stress in animals
  • Chronic conditions that compromise overall health
  • Slow recovery from injuries or surgeries
  • Lack of vitality or energy



The Fauna Boost Cell is not any ordinary “pet product”. It’s a revolutionary frequency medicine device that can make a significant impact on the quality of life of your beloved animal companion. It has been specifically designed to stimulate the animal’s immune cells, which strengthens their entire system and becomes their biggest weapon against illnesses and infections.

But that’s not all. In times of increased load of viruses and bacteria, the Fauna Boost Cell can be especially crucial for immunocompromised or older animals. As animals age, their immune systems weaken, making them more susceptible to diseases. This can cause physical discomfort and even anxiety and stress. The FrequenCell stimulates the immune cells as well as the vessels and fascia, reactivating the self-healing mechanisms of living beings. This helps maintain or build up cartilage and tissue, as well as aligning the entire body, and thus help prevent common illnesses and reduce the impact of existing ones, leading to a better quality of life for the animal.

In scientific studies, the Fauna Boost Cell has been shown to significantly strengthen the primary immune system in the measured cells and increase the defense against harmful pathogens by 25%. This means fewer bad days, less pain, and inflammation for the animal.

The Fauna Boost Cell is suitable for every animal, including beloved pets, horses, aging farm animals, rescues, old friends, and service dogs. They all support and help their humans in ways that are often immeasurable, and it’s our responsibility to support them when their bodies need extra help.


  • The FrequenCell can be worn 24/7 and is unaffected by water.
  • In addition to the 10 patches included with each FrequenCell, any animal skin-friendly adhesive, such as equine kinesiology tape, can be used to securely keep it in place on the animal’s body.
  • Regular cleaning with plain water or non-silicone disinfectant is advised.
  • The FrequenCell is designed to last for at least 6 months from the date of delivery, sometimes even over a year.


FAUNA BOOST Cell - Placement
  • Place the silicone surface of the FrequenCell directly on the animal’s body with the label facing up.
  • You don’t need to shave or remove any fur or feathers – simply attach the FrequenCell to the animal’s skin using any skin-friendly adhesive or bandage.
  • Alternatively, you can attach the device to either the animal’s collar / harness or their water bowl.
  • The Fauna Boost Cell is most effective when placed in a location that does not cause discomfort to the animal, ideally close to their head. Alternatively, it can be placed where needed most.


To bolster your beloved animal’s immune system:

  • Prioritize a balanced diet and adequate hydration to provide essential nutrients and maintain hydration levels.
  • Incorporate regular exercise into their routine to enhance circulation, strengthen overall health, and reduce stress.
  • Minimize stressors in their environment to promote mental well-being and immune resilience.
  • Engage them in mentally stimulating activities to keep their mind sharp and their spirits high.
  • Schedule routine veterinary check-ups to monitor their health, and catch any potential issues early.
  • Maintain good hygiene practices to keep their living environment clean, reducing the risk of infections and supporting overall health.
  • Facilitate positive social interactions with humans and other animals to promote emotional well-being and a healthy immune response.




Reina L, Canada
March 2023
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“I’m blown away! My dad had really bad neuropathy pain in his calves and feet. He couldn’t sleep at night for 3 years. Went to specialists, Drs, Chiropractors, you name it, he tried it. After reading some other comments about their experience with the No Pain Cell and neuropathy pain I decided to give it a try. Within hours of application his pain was completely gone!! Thank you for creating and marketing this technology!!”
Laura Pearlman, US
October 2022
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“I bought the inflammation and pain bundle almost a month ago. I especially wanted the Anti-Inflame Cell for my feet, which have been swelling up horribly for the past year or so. After a couple of days, I definitely noticed my feet and ankles weren't swelling up as much and after a couple of weeks I was able to wear shoes that I haven't been able to wear for months. It seems to have had a calming effect on my psoriasis as well”
Estrella Vargas, US
March 2023
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“My pain device has been life changing for someone with chronic pain like me. Sometimes I think I am fooling myself but when I don’t wear it after 1 day or hours, my pain becomes unbearable. My sleep device helps me so much and makes me sleepy fast but you need to hear your body and GO to sleep. I lost one a couple months back and I got so bad that my boyfriend bought me another immediately. I will keep getting mine as needed.”
Nina Shyne Alviar, US
October 2022
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“Be open minded and TRY it. My sister has been struggling with chronic pain for years, and after using the Anti-Inflame Cell, slept pain-free and also had no pain or tenderness to the touch in her legs like she normally does the next day. She is blown away, is also getting the No Pain Cell, and I am so grateful to have finally found a solution for her.”
Maxine, US
September 2023
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“I was injured in an accident. After a series of treatments I was still in pain. My daughter sent me a FrequenCell and within days most of the pain was gone. I was so impressed that I recommended it to another person who had been told only surgery would relieve the pain. FrequenCell has made a major change in her life.”
Thomas Gettig, US
January 2024
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“After nearly 23 years of horrible sciatic nerve pain from a herniated disc or a needle being poked into the nerve by a nurse from a shot I got in my back for poison Ivy, I FINALLY received relief after trying the No Pain Cell!”
Trevor, Australia
December 2021
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“BONZA RESULTS! This is Day 7 of use and my inflammation has dramatically decreased with far less pain in my joints. I have noticed my recovery time from training has improved with having greater energy and less pain. The best thing is that my psoriasis has become less accelerated and improving each day.”
Dan Prater, US
February 2023
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“As Board Certified Naturopathy I have been utilizing Regenerative Medicine, PEMF/FSM Fields for many years. Vital Field results and research are exceptional!”
Arja Friss, Finland
January 2024
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“I've been using the No Pain Cell for two years now after my bunion surgery that created horrible nerve pain. The No Pain Cell has helped so much that I can walk and use the leg as I used to, just some swelling is still bothering me. I'm going to use it until my leg is 100% back to normal.”
Shellee Abbott, US
December 2022
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“Fast shipping, quick customer service response, and an incredible product. I don't fully understand HOW they work, but I know that they do! So far, I have the Kuau, the Resistance, and the Detox Cells, and love each of them. I tell everyone I meet about these amazing products.”
FirstNancy LastElpers, US
July 2022
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“I have osteoarthritis and the No Pain Cell helped my back. I would like to buy more to put on the places where my arthritis is.”
Anna Smith, Australia
December 2021
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“I have had chronic pain (fibromyalgia) for years, as well as restless legs. After 1 hour of having the No Pain Cell and Anti-Inflame Cell on the bottom of my feet, I did not have restless legs and I haven't had to take any ibuprofen for over a week now. I am so thankful.... what a lifesaver”