Vital FIeld

How to use Vitalfield's Cell for effective pain relief

A guide on how to use and where to place Vitalfield Technologies' innovative FrequenCell for maximum pain relief depending on the type and the location of your pain. Whether it is systemic or localized pain there is an ideal placement for every individual, since no two people share the same pain profile.


The cell is made of elastic silicone and can, therefore, be applied easily and worn comfortably on the skin. To clean the skin under the cell, the device should be taken off once per day. We recommend removing the device before showering. You can clean the cell with water or a silicone-free cleaning agent (e.g. alcohol) if needed. In case of a silicone allergy, direct skin contact is not recommended. Attach an additional tape/adhesive bandage to the silicone side of the cell to prevent skin contact in such a case. Should a negative reaction occur, contrary to expectations, it is recommended to reduce the wearing time. 10 adhesive bandages are provided per cell. You can easily reorder adhesive bandages from