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My Experience with FrequenCell’s New Menstruation Cell

In the world of women’s health, the challenges of dealing with period pain and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are all too familiar. Every woman’s experience is unique, with some facing more severe symptoms than others. It’s a universal truth that menstruation can disrupt daily life, from irritability and cravings during PMS to the discomfort and cramps that accompany menstruation. Renee King, FrequenCell’s dedicated brand outreach strategist, understands this struggle intimately. Her personal journey with menstruation-related health issues sheds light on the need for natural solutions that address every phase of the monthly cycle. Thanks to the groundbreaking Menstruation Cell by FrequenCell, such a solution now exists.

My Postpartum Journey with Menstrual Health Challenges

Ever since the ripe age of 13, my relationship with my menstrual cycle has been a contentious one. From the embarrassment of starting it in 7th grade science class to the constant paranoia of leaks, my introduction to womanhood was an annoyance for me. Fast forward ten years, and after the birth of my first child–Iooking back, it turns out those were the easy times.


Although my pregnancy was an easy one, my body went under an immense amount of stress during the labor and delivery process. I developed postpartum preeclampsia, hemorrhage, and endometriosis. Ever since then, my cycle was never the same. Embarrassment and paranoia gave way to a host of complications like PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder). PMDD is an extreme form of PMS, which includes insomnia, extreme mood swings and irritability, lethargy, trouble concentrating, and increased anxiety with panic attacks. And this is just in the ten days before menstruation actually starts! Actual menstruation was also accompanied by extremely unpleasant symptoms. Day one, I usually could not leave the house due to the severity of the pain from cramping. I also experienced low back pain that would radiate down my legs to my knees. The amount of menstrual fluid lost was so extreme at times, I would have to be rushed to the emergency room.


My search for more effective, drug-free alternatives

As a naturopath, I was against taking birth control pills or other prescriptions that doctors said would help alleviate my symptoms. I did find some supplements and other natural means of relieving the mental and physical aspects of what I was experiencing, but they worked just enough only to make me semi-functional. Knowing I couldn’t go on living a life where I was in absolute misery 14 days out of every month, I was desperate for a solution.


My Experience With Frequencell’s Menstruation Cell

Fast forward yet again to 2022. I began working with FrequenCell, which was my introduction to wearable frequency therapy devices. Of course their Menstruation Cell was first on my list of ones to try. It’s description states that it addresses “stressful or painful menstruation, reducing PMS symptoms and irritability during the monthly cycle or during menstruation.” Needless to say, I was excited to give it a try. Even if it didn’t offer complete relief I would be happy with a 25% reduction of symptoms for my PMDD and heavy, painful periods. And you know what? That’s exactly what I got. 

I placed the Menstruation Cell below my navel ten days before my cycle was set to start. Days 5-10 before my cycle are typically accompanied by a marked change in personality and mental state. High anxiety, depressive episodes, extreme irritability and insomnia were the norm. While wearing the FrequenCell during this time, I didn’t notice a real change until I realized I went the whole 5 days without crying or angry outbursts. Even though I was still anxious, had a low mood and couldn’t sleep, I considered this a huge win. But the real test was coming–how would the Menstruation Cell stack up against my most severe days?


The pain sets in about five days before my cycle, along with intense cravings for sweets (a typical dinner would be a cupcake and ice cream), low energy, and trouble concentrating. The only real area I felt a change was with the cravings. I was no longer constantly reaching for chocolate, cookies, and those “dinner cupcakes” were replaced by a nutritious meal.

The actual menstruation itself was also less severe pain-wise. While I still did experience cramping, I was no longer confined to the house due to heavy flow and severe pain on day one. Again, I considered this a win. The Menstruation Cell became a vital part of my self-care routine. But I couldn’t help but to think that with some minor tweaks, the Cell could bring even more complete relief.


Personal Transformation: The Impact of the New and Improved Menstruation Cell

After discussing my personal experiences and sharing customer feedback with the Research & Development team, FrequenCell began working on a new and improved version of the Menstruation Cell. As an employee I was able to test it early, and I have to say I was very impressed! The 25-30% reduction in symptoms from the original Menstruation Cell had increased to around 50-60%. I was even sleeping better, which was one of the most miserable parts of my cycle. I felt human.


  • Less spending hours trying to get myself out of bed due to pain and depression.
  • Less time wasted trying to stay focused on work.
  • Less money spent on “period clothes” that were a size larger than I normally wear.
  • Less time beating myself up for yelling at my son for no reason.
  • Less time obsessing and becoming anxious over trivial matters.

…all from a 100% natural device that I can just stick on my body. For me (and those close to me) the new and improved Menstruation Cell has been a game-changer. It sounds contrived, but I truly feel as though it’s given me my life back! Don’t get me wrong, I still dread my monthly cycle, but it’s no longer controlling my life. Over time it’s even helped me tune into my femininity and celebrate all the parts of what it means to be a woman. We are magnificent beings, and our bodies are capable of magnificent things.


I understand that not all women have as severe issues tied to their cycle as I do, but after talking to countless female customers and hearing their stories, I know the new Menstration Cell is capable of helping so many of you. Frequency therapy is the future of medicine, and FrequenCell provides access to an affordable, convenient, and long-lasting solution that works. Add the Menstruation Cell to your wellness routine and make your period less of a disruption, and more of a beautiful part of what makes us women!


Click here for more information on the new and improved Menstruation Cell.


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