Vital FIeld

What is pain?

The most common forms of physical pain are caused by tissue damage from injury, stress or decay, causing nerve fibers to signal the brain with a pain sensation.

Nerve fibers signal the brain with a pain sensation.

The brain activates a repair mechanism, flooding the damaged area with hormones and blood.

Chronic pain


Sometimes the normal healing phase doesn't complete and the pain becomes chronic. This often happens when the cells are low on energy and/or the stressor continues.

The traditional way to manage chronic pain is to stifle the pain signal without treating the cause of the pain.

Functional solution


When damaged cells don’t have enough energy to regenerate, the pain can continue indefinitely. This is why the best place to address pain is at cell level...

Vitalfield cell supports cell energy directly with resonant frequencies that enhance cell communication, aka coherence.

The more coherent the cells, the more they exchange information and energy, the faster they regenerate.

This way we can address the source of the pain directly.