Are you feeling uncomfortable in your body? The Weight Loss Cell helps you increase your self-love, while at the same time stimulating your metabolism, boosting fat burning, and breaking down all types of toxins more easily.

The Weight Loss Cell supports your energetic point of view, getting rid of excess weight. Its specific frequencies stimulate metabolism and fat burning, as well as reduce the feeling of hunger. The 528 Hertz frequency, the so-called Love frequency, is also included in the device: this frequency has an incredible proven potential and supports self-love and self-acceptance.

Weight Loss Cell functioning:

  • Self-love 528 Hz
  • Metabolic stimulation
  • Stimulation of fat burning
  • Suppression of hunger and appetite
  • Reduction of metabolic weaknesses


Place the Weight Loss Cell vertically on your liver area, behind your right ribs, and below your chest. 

* For detailed instructions on how to use the Weight Loss Cell, please click here.  

Important note:

The Weight Loss Cell is designed to work complementary to your existing weight loss regime by creating an environment that maximizes the results of your efforts.


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