This Energy Cell activates the full functionality of the pineal gland, including the perception of what many people refer to as "spiritual elevation and sensitivity". It is recommended to wear the Phase 1: Pineal Detox Cell and Phase 2: Pineal DNA-Strengthening Cell for 2 weeks each prior to using Phase 3: Pineal Third Eye Cell.


It is recommended to start with wearing the Pineal Third Eye Cell for a maximum of 30 minutes twice a day. If you are able to handle this well, the use can be increased individually, depending on how you feel.

Wear this Energy Cell for as long as you like, after pineal detoxing and pineal DNA strengthening.


  • in the center of the forehead (i.e. with a headband) or
  • on the sternum or
  • a cross finger below the navel

The further away the Energy Cell is placed from the pineal gland, the gentler the effect. Highly sensitive people are recommended to begin wearing the Pineal DNA-Strengthening Cell below the navel.

Pineal Gland Energy Cell Placement

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