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The Sleep Cell could promote sound and uninterrupted sleep, helping you both fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Good sleep is absolutely crucial to good health. While we’re sleeping, our body does most of its repairing while our mind shorts out daily stressors and helps us face the next day rejuvenated and balanced. Without enough sleep, our overall health suffers. And it’s not only about the amount of hours we put in – it’s the quality of sleep that can make a difference. When our sleep patterns get interrupted, our body doesn’t get the rest and recuperation it needs. This is how we end up underproductive, sluggish, with foggy minds, overworked internal organs, and dull skin.

Here’s where our team of scientists come in. With plant extracts and Australian bush flowers completing the formula, they developed this exclusive product to help the body fall asleep and stay sound asleep through the night, making the most of its natural mechanism of repairing and recovering. We want to make sure that you’re not just surviving through your busy week, but you’re also thriving every day.

For optimal results, along with regular use of the Sleep Cell, make sure to pay attention to your sleep hygiene. This means:

  • no news overload in the evening
  • no screens one hour before going to bed
  • more yellow light towards the evening
  • no stimulating, caffeinated drinks after 3 pm
  • no heavy food in the evening

The Pineal Gland Cell Trio can be additional support if your biggest struggle is actually falling asleep.


The Sleep Cell is most effective when placed vertically on the 7th cervical vertebra (first raised cervical vertebra). Testing has shown that the Sleep Cell gives optimal results when applied about an hour before bedtime.

* For detailed instructions on how to use the Sleep Cell, please click here.

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