ANTI-INFLAME — Energy Cell

USD 123.00

Energy Cell + 10 Patches included. 100% intensity up to 6 months.

The Anti-Inflame Energy Cell is designed to help the body fight inflammation.

Energy Cell + 10 Patches included. 100% intensity up to 6 months.

extra PATCHES to keep your Energy Cell in place

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How to use the Energy Cell for local inflamation?

Place the cell directly on the location of the pain.

For systemic inflamation

Cervical Vertebra

Active zones: Upper body, arms, shoulders, and head

Solar Plexus

Active zones: The thorax area, between the neck and the abdomen

Sole of the Foot

Active zones: Lower body and legs. (Swollen feet and legs can be an early symptom of kidney issues.)

— Energy Cell
Inflammation-relieving effects

The Anti-Inflame Energy Cell is designed to relieve inflammation- related pain and complications by helping cells regenerate faster.

German cellular laboratory tests, the ANTI-INFLAME Energy Cell indicated a 25% improvement for cell regeneration and 60% improvement for cell metabolism, to help inflamed cells repair and regenerate past damage, addressing both inflammation and pain related symptoms.

Based on user experience reports, the Anti-Inflame Energy Cell is particularly well suited for:

Inflammation-related pain
Wound & Injury Healing
Autoimmune related inflammation
Other inflammation related complications

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