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The Menopause Cell has been developed for all women who are about to go through menopause, as well as women who are in or after menopause. This FrequenCell uses the frequencies of specific herbs, hormones, and medicinal mushrooms.

When using this FrequenCell, you can expect more stability for the transition into the third phase of life: fewer problems, such as hot flashes, insomnia, and exhaustion, that can occur during the climacteric period. Stress resistance may also increase.

“As a woman and therapist, I am very familiar with menopause and its changes. First of all, menopause is not a disease. I like to compare it to a state that moves us backwards through puberty. This means that our autonomous nervous system is strongly challenged by this change. I don’t know what memory you have of your puberty. Mine is like this: I was very accessible and easy to care for, it’s just the other people who were suddenly so difficult. Even if I say this with a wink, the core of my message is serious. As with puberty, many of the symptoms of menopause can be traced back to the autonomic nervous system and vagus nerves.

The decline in certain hormones initially only ensures that we are no longer fertile. The hormones as operating resources for the organism and the brain are still available. In this phase of life, many things that we have previously put our bodies through take their revenge. The toxic burden of the environment is also noticeable now. This is why it is extremely important that we pay attention to our diet habits and exercise: they’re the prerequisite for good bodily functions in this sensitive area.

Finding meaning for the third phase of life, which goes beyond children, grandchildren, and travel, is often not easy. I recommend searching for a meaning that requires having reached a certain age, one that is based on life experience. The Menopause Cell cannot do that for you. I realized that I am no longer interested in not taking myself seriously. My body shows me when I am exceeding my limits and making compromises that are not good for me.

One benefit of getting older is my truthfulness, which I relentlessly follow. Since I’ve been one of the ‘hot’ women myself, I have only one option: to be completely and utterly truthful.”

– Mechthild Rex-Najuch,
world-leading VitalField energy practitioner and naturopath

The Menopause Cell could support you during this multi-year physical transition, as you’re looking for a new life vision. To do this, it uses the frequencies of specific herbs, hormones, and medicinal mushrooms. At the same time, it stabilizes the female reproductive system organs and tissues. Additional exercise in the form of strength endurance training is also recommended.



Place the Menopause Cell on the lower sternum or 2 fingers below the navel.

* For detailed instructions on how to use the Menopause Cell, please click here

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