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How Vital Fields Can Make Us More Resistant

Lab results indicate immune cell reinforcement via Vital Field therapy.

The Japan Journal of Medicine recently published a study that is puzzling to classical biologists – who believe that chemistry is the sole regulator of human biology. 

Even the German cell biologist behind the study, Dr. Peter Dartsch, who’s been doing cell research for over three decades, is surprised at the results.

The results show a significant correlation between subtle electromagnetic fields (Vital Fields) emitted by a composite chip (the RESISTANCE Cell) and an increase in the number (+17%), diameter (+10%), and metabolism (+23%) of neutrophils. 

Neutrophils are white blood cells that are the first line of defense in our immune system. The increase in metabolism refers to their ability to produce oxygen radicals that kill pathogenic microbes (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold). 

The possibility of having frequencies boost the innate immune system without chemicals, risks, or side-effects is mindboggling to both alternative and classical scientists. 

“It’s like adding a quarter more soldiers to your immune system,” said Wolfgang Kattnig, an osteopath, physiotherapist, and Vital Field therapist from Austria, when asked to explain the results.

Dr. Dartsch is more reserved, saying that “the results suggest that the Cell might be able to cause an improved defense against microbial pathogens.” 

Both viewpoints have to agree that something extraordinary is taking place.

Advanced frequency therapies such as Vital Field are pioneering our understanding of the electromagnetic nature of life, often stretching the reality of scientists. 

In the past two years, Vital Fields have been stretching mindsets with more than a few cell tests. 

We have already seen similar effects in past laboratory tests with procreative cells (sperm cells and egg cells) and fibroblasts (cells in connective tissue), where custom Vital Fields (employed via NO-PAIN Cell and ANTI-INFLAME Cells) have yielded faster regeneration, wound healing, and up to 40% increase in longevity and metabolic efficiency. 

Thousands of customers in over 40 countries attest to inflammation relief, pain reduction, and speedier regeneration.   

The RESISTANCE Cell is the new promise, but it is also a fresh entrant. The feedback from Europe is overwhelmingly positive, but we want to hear your opinion. 

We offer you a zero-risk way of trying the RESISTANCE Cell.  If you’re fighting any chronic symptom linked to the immune system, here is a chance to experiment with the future.

We recommend that you begin with healthy nutrition, reduced stress, increased movement, and hydration – the standard regimen for taking care of our mitochondria.  Once you’re committed to this path, consider adding another line of soldiers to your defenses, in the form of Vital Fields.

Consider it an experiment that may shake the foundations of medicine. 

Jan Wellmann
Co-Founder & CEO

See the Japan Journal Medicine study on RESISTANCE Cell HERE.

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