How To Reduce Electrosmog Exposure: A Quick Guide

Time To Shift the Attention From the Virus to the Immune System

Many factors (including low-fat-high-carb diets, stress, and exposure to toxins and pesticides) have contributed to our collective health crisis, but the one player that we keep missing is electrosmog. In a body that works like a self-charging, electrochemical battery, invisible stressors can accumulate until they cause a domino effect on our health. Here’s what to do about it. Sources of radiation, both man-made and natural, are all around us all the time and have a big impact on living organisms. Modern safety guidelines fail to address the non-thermal effects of man-made radiation, such as the impact on so-called voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), that reside in cell membranes and control neurotransmitter release and muscle contraction, amongst other things. It’s hard to estimate the cumulative effect of VGCC attributable damage to human health, but it behooves us to look at the health statistics from the 1990s forward: For example, the world is looking at a 50% drop in overall male reproductive quality since we started pocketing microwave devices.  The good news is that frequencies can also be harnessed for our benefit, when they mimic natural, coherent sources like nature.  Nature has an exceptionally regenerative effect, for a reason, which has to do with the rich spectra of natural frequencies that support cellular coherence. Coherence equates with energy and information flow. When we take a walk in a forest after spending a week holed up in the office, we can feel that flow.  In contrast, some man-made microwaves, like cell phones and Wi-Fi routers, can cause wear and tear on mitochondria (the organelles producing the energy necessary for our cells’ survival and functioning) with repetitive and cumulative exposure. Most of us are not sensitized to feel the impact. It could manifest as fogginess, drowsiness, headaches, migraines, or sheer exhaustion, that seems to lack a pinpointable source. Actual disease complications may manifest decades later, but the energetic drain is a factor in our everyday lives. Frequency medicine is able to address the root causality of energy loss. 

Frequencies: Leveraging Our Energetic Potential 

Cells are electrochemical, self-sustainable entities that communicate both via particles (chemistry) and waves (electromagnetic signals). Modern medicine is slowly beginning to leverage the electromagnetic aspect of cells, when they venture into MRI or EKG measurements, for example, but some energy medicine modalities have realized a much deeper therapeutic potential for frequencies.  In Europe, especially Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, the science of frequency medicine has been developed and tested over four decades in connection with cell regeneration and vitality. Advanced Vital Feld (German for “vital field”) clinics diagnose and address a broad spectrum of chronic ailments by supporting the body’s innate ability to heal. Some of the world’s top athletes use the same modalities to regenerate and regenerate faster from injuries and intense competition. Vital fields leverage advanced man-made algorithms that measure and mimic nature’s own regenerative fields. The first wearable vital field applications are already available for North-American customers in the form of a wearable Energy Cell that lasts over six months, and addresses chronic pain at a fraction of the cost of long-term painkillers.   Frequency medicine can tap into our full energetic potential; along with reducing exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields, i.e. electrosmog. 

Top 15 Tips to Reduce Electrosmog Exposure

Chronic fatigue, sleep issues, cognitive dysfunction, pain, mood disorders, even skin problems are common symptoms attributed to exposure to electrosmog or electromagnetic pollution. While it’s difficult to avoid it completely, there are measures we can take to control exposure.

1. Texting is better than talking

With a text, your phone only needs to ping the cell phone tower for a moment, so when compared to a 15-minute phone conversation, it’s not emitting nearly as much radiation.

2. Distance is your friend

Keep the phone away from sensitive body parts. Don’t stash it in your bra, pants, or shirt pockets. Pregnant women should keep their phones away from their stomachs. Avoid holding a cell phone directly up to your head. Use a speakerphone, when possible.

3. Keep a distance while waiting for a connection

The most radiation is emitted (up to 3,000 times more) when cell phones are attempting to connect.

4. Forget the Wifi during the night

Turn off your wireless router at night to minimize exposure to radiation.

5. Don’t attempt calls on a weak signal

One bar or less means your phone has to work harder to get through to the cell tower and working harder means more radiation. Wait for a strong signal.

6. Don’t try to guard  your phone to reduce radiation

The phone will automatically compensate by boosting the signal to maintain connection. This applies also to areas where the signal is weak.

7. Use a landline when you can

Not as cool, but much safer.

8. Eat green vegetables and berries

Veggies and a good night’s sleep in a dark room will enhance natural repair of DNA that may be damaged by cell phone use.

9. Ground yourself frequently

With earth, water, and nature, to allow your body to repair free radical damage.

10. Reduce use

Turn your cell phone off more often. Reserve it for emergencies or important matters. Never walk or hike with your phone with signal on roam.

11. Look at the SAR

Buy phones that emit lower electromagnetic frequencies. Samsung, good. Apple iPhone, bad.

12. Put it to sleep

Turn your phone off at night.

13. Check your headphones

If you use headphones, beware that headphones themselves can act as an antenna and even strengthen the EMF signal that reaches the brain. Keep a straight cord and at least one meter’s (3 feet) distance from the phone when you talk.

14. Turn airplane mode on

Put your phone to flight safe when traveling, to avoid for higher radiation exposure when the cell phone looks for repeater stations.

15. Reconnect with nature

Replenish your access to natural fields which have a regenerative effect, such as Schumann Resonances, a planetary wave that is shown to work against EMF damage on a cellular level and is scarce in city conditions and rich in nature. That means more forest, mountains, and nature.
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