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How to Deal with Chronic Pain During the Corona Crisis

Introducing an innovative approach to treat pain on a daily basis.

Living with chronic pain doesn’t make one more likely to come into contact with COVID-19. By now, social distancing and the avoidance of crowds are the new normal. However, in this unique situation everyone’s stress levels escalate, and chronic pain sufferers know better than anyone that stress can increase pain symptoms and sensitivity.

As hard as the pandemic is for everyone, it’s definitely harder for people dealing with chronic diseases.

People are usually concerned about getting proper care during the crisis – not being able to leave home and visit a doctor’s office, independent health providers are not able to see their patients, and hospitals are so full that they aren’t taking anyone in unless it’s considered an emergency. And with a total of 924,107 staffed beds in all U.S. hospitals, the estimated 20.4% of U.S. adults suffering from chronic pain and 8.0% of U.S. adults suffering from high-impact chronic pain cannot be considered an emergency.


The lockdown’s damaging long-term effects to our health have been obvious since the very first moment: from being able to visit our personal healthcare physicians, alternative doctors, and holistic health practitioners, we suddenly—with no time to prepare or plan—went to being stuck at home with no interim solution.

So – what to do when dealing with the physical and emotional toll of chronic pain in the midst of a global pandemic?

Now is the time to look for options that address the source of the pain, not just the symptoms. 

Relying on solutions that give temporary relief by simply alleviating the symptoms associated with the root cause only masks the problem, and probably causes a new one due to side effects. Addressing the root cause of the pain will be much more effective in the long term, because it also treats the fundamentals, our overall health.


Enter the Vitalfield Cell: a holistic pain management method which can be tried at home and which is non-chemical, non-toxic, non-invasive, and non-addictive.

The FrequenCell, unlike the vast majority of pain reducing solutions that only treat pain symptoms, addresses not only the symptoms but also the source of pain: Cellular tests using the Cell have indicated a 25% improvement for cell regeneration and a 60% improvement for cell metabolism.

Clinical studies validate the significant pain-relieving effects of the FrequenCell, as it often reduces pain by 50% or even eliminates it entirely. Based on user experience reports, the types of pain this non-invasive natural solution helps alleviate include:

  • Arthritis
  • Headache
  • Osteoporosis
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Tissue or Bone Injury
  • Post-Surgical Pain
  • Muscle Sprain or Tension
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Post-Trauma Pain


Four decades after Nikola Tesla said, “frequency and vibration hold the secrets of the universe and we’re all part of one energy field,” quantum mechanics discovered the principle in subatomic worlds. Recent scientific findings confirm that both organic and inorganic matter manifest subtle energy fields that help regulate our body chemistry and cellular life.

We refer to these life-promoting frequencies as Vital Field.

Vital Fields enable living systems – cells, organs, and micro-organisms – to transfer information and energy across the system (or body) instantly, helping the body’s cells to repair, regenerate, and protect against life’s cumulative stressors, such as toxins, stress, trauma, injury, and electrosmog.

Vital Fields have been researched and developed over the past four decades by experts, scientists and a community of over 2,800 clinics and health practitioners in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, who use them in wide health-related applications, from chronic disease to athletic performance.

Research indicates that by mimicking Vital Fields with advanced, computer-controlled algorithms, health practitioners can:  

  • Alleviate pain, allergies, inflammation, and sensitivities
  • Support specific areas and functions of the body, such as endocrine, metabolic, cardiovascular, urogenital, brain, reproductive, lymphatic, and immune systems
  • Regulate toxic loads and metabolism
  • Support microbial balance
  • Promote general vitality and regeneration

The Vitalfield Cell is made possible by a patented EMF material that can retain and emit Vital Fields with extraordinary durability (longer than 6 months), thereby allowing the benefits of a proven energy medicine discipline to be accessible to everyone and anyone experiencing pain.

The composite cell material allows advanced vital field therapies to be stored in wearable patches, thereby significantly undercutting the cost of traditional pain-relieving techniques.


As the whole world works to fight off the invisible enemy, chronic pain sufferers face the long-term consequences of their untreated illness: exacerbated pain, severe strains or tears that require immediate medical treatment, and further negative side effects from lack of physical activity.

Choosing a natural, holistic solution for chronic pain may be exactly what is needed during these challenging times: Care, courage, and pain-free days.

Nassia Bitha

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