Vital FIeld



The Fauna Boost Cell could help support your companion animal’s immune system.

Beloved pets, horses, aging farm animals. Rescues, old friends, service dogs. They all support and help their humans in ways that we’re unable to fully put in words. And it’s our turn to support them when their bodies need some extra help.

The Fauna Boost Cell might be the ultimate boost to their biggest weapon against common illnesses, viruses, and bacteria –especially for immunocompromised or older animals. The results of cell biological measurements have shown that the Fauna Boost Cell significantly strengthened the primary immune system in the measured cells and increased the defense against harmful pathogens by 25%. Which means fewer bad days, pain, inflammation.

Animal companions deserve the best. And we developed this FrequenCell especially for them.



The Fauna Boost Cell is most effective when placed:

  • in the area of the solar plexus (approx. in the middle of the body on the stomach or on the back).
  • in the collar/harness etc.
  • below the water bowl

* For detailed instructions on how to use the Fauna Boost Cell, please click here.

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