Many things can make us feel tired, weak, even lethargic, in everyday life. In order to regain full vitality, it is important to enhance our own natural energy levels.

The Energy Boost Cell supports you in recharging your own body’s energy battery by accelerating cell regeneration.

The Energy Boost Cell targets:

  • burnout
  • general lack of energy
  • faster regeneration after exercise
  • exam exhaustion
  • emotional exhaustion at work



Place the Energy Boost Cell vertically on your solar plexus, slightly below your sternum. For optimal results, wear the Energy Boost Cell in the morning and remove it at least one hour before going to bed.

Note: The Energy Boost Cell is worn only during the day, so you will need more adhesive patches. Please know that you can use any type of skin-friendly adhesive instead of our patches (e.g., kinesiology tape).

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