The Balance Cell has been developed to help you through your journey of addiction recovery.

Addictions are a multispectral menu, from the chemical variety (e.g., alcohol, drugs, painkillers, food) to the gadget (e.g., cellphone, apps, video games), mental (e.g., negative emotions), and behavioral variety (e.g., excess exercise, or no exercise at all) – but for the energetic mind-body they all represent the escape from the present.

Just stopping one addiction with hardcore discipline doesn’t usually work, as the body tends to find another replacement addiction.

The Balance Cell is a tool to help you journey back to the center, the place where you can stay still, present, calm, and energized.


Important note:

Every addiction has its price, and every addiction has a good reason. It is helpful to be aware of this reason and to integrate that into your own life. People with addictions are not weak (we’re finally getting over the social stigma and talking about it openly!) but act out of a deeply subconscious motivation. Mind you: there is always a good reason. A reason that consequently leads the behavior into addiction. It is for survival on another level. Sometimes this creates distorted behaviors. Distortions can be rectified. To do this, it is good to know your own good reason. The responsibility to find this good reason and to incorporate it into your own life is always yours.

A FrequenCell cannot take over this job.

The Balance Cell stimulates brain areas that lead to addiction and dependency while supporting the formation of necessary messenger substances such as GABA, dopamine, oxytocin. In fact, there is always evidence of a GABA deficiency in addiction. It is difficult to determine whether this deficiency is there before the addiction begins or whether it accompanies it. The transitions are fluid and in each case they go hand in hand.

Save your body, mind, and loved ones from relapses and celebrate your successful journey to recovery.

Maintaining your balance is a lifelong task that places diverse demands on you. Beyond the addiction, balance is always a work of art. One that is worth keeping. Because with every new step you give up your balance and recreate it. Keeping your balance also means to continue moving.

– Mechthild Rex-Najuch,
world-leading vital field energy practitioner and naturopath

Post-recovery, the Balance Cell helps with fighting relapses, achieving a balance between mind & body, and keeping those AA chips coming!



Place this FrequenCell on your solar plexus.

* For detailed instructions on how to use the Balance Cell, please click here

Balance Cell
BALANCE placement

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